Video for Xbox Game Pass: Dead Rising 3, Limbo, DiRT Rally and More Available August 1
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Xbox Game Pass: Dead Rising 3, Limbo, DiRT Rally and More Available August 1

Hello, fellow gamers. Welcome to your August Xbox Game Pass update! Xbox Game Pass offers you unlimited access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 backward compatible games for just $9.99 USD per month. More is better is our mantra, and there should always be something new to play with Xbox Game Pass. So, in addition to the 100+ great games already included in your membership, we are bringing seven more games to the Xbox Game Pass catalog on August 1. And don’t forget, if you haven’t tried Xbox Game Pass yet, you can play free for 14 days. DiRT Rally Leading the way in August is Codemasters’ off-road racing gem, DiRT Rally. If you're a fan of racing, rally racing, or just... Read more

Terry Crews and Jon Goff Terry Crews and Jon Goff Games

Terry Crews Highlights Explosive Crackdown 3 Panel at San Diego Comic-Con

Terry Crews came, he saw, and he Comic-Conquered last Saturday’s Crackdown 3 panel at SDCC. Joined by Xbox’s Major Nelson, Terry elaborated on his passion for gaming and shared a behind-the-scenes look at bringing his character Commander Jaxon to life in Crackdown 3, from the original partnership idea to the result of becoming an in-game character. Speaking to the role that Commander Jaxon plays within Crackdown 3’s story, Lead Writer Jon Goff (known for his work on the Spawn series of comics) shed some more light on the state of The Agency being in all-new city, facing off against new gangs and villains that are sure to leave an impression. The Agency will have a few new... Read more

Diablo 3 Small ImageDiablo 3 Large Image Games

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition Free This Weekend with Xbox Live Gold

The hellgates are opening! This weekend only, all Xbox Live Gold members can enjoy Blizzard Entertainment’s action RPG Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition for free as part of Xbox Live Gold’s Free Play Days. Beginning at 12:01 a.m. PST on Thursday, July 27 and running through 11:59 p.m. PST on Monday, July 31, Xbox Live Gold members in Xbox One markets will get a special opportunity to fight back against the hordes of evil. During this time you can also purchase Diablo III: Eternal Collection, the latest version of Diablo III that includes the new Necromancer class and all content from Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition, from the Xbox Store at a 35%... Read more

Video for Path of Exile Closed Beta Launches Today on Xbox One

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Path of Exile Closed Beta Launches Today on Xbox One

As you may be aware, Path of Exile is coming soon to Xbox One to make its console debut. We're extremely excited to break into this new arena and welcome new Action RPG fans to the Path of Exile community. Also: our Xbox One beta is live right now! You can sign up at and space is limited, but we'll try to get everyone in. I founded Grinding Gear Games in 2006 with three friends. After years of playing genre classics such as Dungeon Siege, Titan Quest and the Diablo series, we dreamed of making the next big Action RPG. Over the last 11 years, we've scaled up from a team of four in my garage to a staff of more than 100, making us the largest game development studio in... Read more

The Sims 4 Small ImageThe Sims 4 Large Image Games

Play with Life in The Sims 4 on Xbox One November 17

Enjoy the power to create and control people in a virtual world full of endless possibilities in The Sims 4, coming to Xbox One on November 17, 2017. For more than 17 years, The Sims has provided players with the opportunity to play with life, as they create and control virtual people in an open world with endless possibilities. Now you can look forward to expressing your creativity on Xbox One this Fall, as you customize your Sims’ appearances and personalities, build them the perfect homes, and develop their relationships, while pursuing fruitful careers, and exploring vibrant new worlds. Pre-order The Sims 4 Standard Edition and get The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff Pack,... Read more

A Hat in Time Small Image A Hat in Time Small Image Games

3D Platformer A Hat in Time Comes to Xbox One This Fall

Calling all fans of Banjo-Kazooie, Conker: Live & Reloaded, Kameo, and anyone else who's up for a cute-as-heck 3D platformer! From our new publishing initiative, Presented by Humble Bundle, we're excited to announce our partnership with Gears for Breakfast to bring you A Hat in Time to Xbox One this Fall, priced at $29.99. In A Hat in Time, you play as a space-travelling girl with a big top hat. While minding her bees’ wax, an accident causes all her fuel, the Time Pieces, to scatter across a nearby planet. Hat Kid must now jump, fight, and stitch new hats down below to fuel her ride back home. From the first “boop!” Hat Kid utters, your heart will smile in this brilliantly... Read more

Video for Halo Wars 2 Gets Double DLC Drop with Serina and Operation: SPEARBREAKER Today

Halo Wars 2 Gets Double DLC Drop with Serina and Operation: SPEARBREAKER Today

The penultimate payload of Halo Wars 2 Season Pass content has arrived, featuring two fun and exciting new story missions in Operation: SPEARBREAKER, and a beloved, digitally deceased but downloadably undeterred new Leader – the UNSC Spirit of Fire’s former AI Serina. With Operation: SPEARBREAKER, players get to drop feet first into two brand-new story missions that expand upon the ongoing struggle for control of the Ark. Taking control of a hero squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, players must thwart the Banished’s latest plot to turn the tide of the conflict. When you’re ready to dive back into multiplayer, stay calm, cool, and collected on the battlefield by taking... Read more

Aven Colony Small ImageAven Colony Large Image Games

A Beginner’s Guide to Aven Colony on Xbox One

Aven Colony is a city-building strategy game about mankind’s first colony on an alien world, on a moon orbiting a gas giant 10 light years from Earth called Aven Prime. As the Governor of humanity’s first colonies outside the solar system, your goal is to build and protect one small, vulnerable human settlement into a huge, sprawling, and prosperous sci-fi metropolis. There are many kinds of city-builders and Aven Colony is unlike any you may have played. As you begin, you'll have over a dozen colonists depending on you for their survival from the outset (doesn't help that the harsh world of Aven Prime can make it very difficult to keep your colonists alive and happy). You'll need... Read more

Summer Spotlight 2017 Small Image Summer Spotlight 2017 Small Image Games

Summer Spotlight: Play the Hottest Xbox Games and Earn Rewards Credits

Summer Spotlight is back and it's time to celebrate! From July 25 to September 4 the Xbox Store will have over 30 new games coming to Xbox One, including the most anticipated titles of the Summer like Fortnite, Tacoma, and Sonic Mania. That means new games every week so be sure to check the Xbox Store every Tuesday to discover all the new games to play. But that's not all! Now through September 4, you can earn 4,000 Rewards Credits for diving into the best of Summer Spotlight. Simply spend $40 on featured pre-orders, game previews, and new digital releases to take home your Reward. Not an Xbox Live Rewards member?  Join now, and get Rewarded for doing what you love on your... Read more

Video for 7 Things You Need to Know in Xbox Console Exclusive Fable Fortune

7 Things You Need to Know in Xbox Console Exclusive Fable Fortune

Hello Heroes! Have you heard the good news?! Fable Fortune has just launched into Xbox Game Preview and we are thrilled to welcome you all back into Albion. If you aren't familiar with Fable Fortune the let me tell you that it is quite possibly the greatest Fable themed collectible card game you’ll hear about today! Featuring not just PvP but also a full co-op mode where you can team up with an ally to take on classic Fable bosses such as the legendary Nostro. Now I’m sure you are all eager to start smashing people in the face with Hobbes and Fluffy Cats but before you do, I wanted to share with you some gems of wisdom that will help you on your journey. 1: Learn to play... Read more

1953 Chevrolet Corvette Small1953 Chevrolet Corvette Small Image Games

Forza Throwback: Vintage Classics Added to the Forza Motorsport 7 Garage

Welcome to the second week of car reveals for the Forza Motorsport 7 Garage – also known as Vintage Week! Today, we’re showing off the depth of classic cars that are a part of Forza Motorsport 7’s mammoth 700+ car list, including pre-war racers that will challenge drivers of every skill level, post-war cruisers cars that changed the way the public thought of the automobile, and many more. The range of materials and technology on display here is as varied as the cars’ shapes, sizes and capabilities. From wooden frame cars to pre-war biasply tires, the ForzaTech engine recreates all the intricacies and nuances that make these legendary cars so special. For example, the 1950 Alfa... Read more

August 2017 Games with Gold Small Image August 2017 Games with Gold Small Image Games

Grow Your Game Library with August’s Games with Gold

It's time to harvest some great titles this August thanks to another stellar Games with Gold lineup. On August 1, the open-world farming simulator Slime Rancher will make its console debut on Xbox One, where you can care for your own galactic farm full of cute (slimy) creatures. Then starting on August 16, take on the wide variety of platform-racing stunt challenges in Trials Fusion. The Summer fun isn't over yet! Coming to Xbox 360, and Xbox One through Backward Compatibility, we'll have the modern-classic Bayonetta available from August 1 to August 15. Then get your butt to Mars and fight for the future in Red Faction: Armageddon from August 16 - August 30. All games will be... Read more

Gears Esports Offseason Games

Watch the Gears Esports Offseason Reality Series on Mixer

Mixer and The Coalition are excited to announce the launch of Gears Esports Offseason as the first Mixer-exclusive reality series, presented by Mixer. Season 1 of the Gears of War Esports Pro Circuit introduced a fiercely competitive group of Gears of War 4 esports professional teams and players from around the world. Players traveled to Columbus, London, Mexico City, Atlantic City, and Paris, and concluded the season in June at the Gears Pro Circuit Las Vegas Open, where it was announced that the Gears Pro Circuit Season 2 will kick off in the fall of 2017. Gears Esports Offseason offers a rare viewpoint in esports – diving into the rich drama, humor, and excitement that unveils... Read more

Warframe Harrow Expansion Small ImageWarframe Harrow Expansion Large Image Games

Unchaining the Horror of Harrow in Warframe

The community reaction to the announcement that I was the new writer on Warframe kind-of blew my hair back: a deluge of messages pumping me for lore, wanting to know what was going to happen next, what I had planned. The enthusiasm for the game is one of the best things about working on it, but to be hit with a wave of emotion like that… I knew I had my work cut out for me. So, what’s it been like? Well, each company and project is different. The Warframe crew have had a few years to settle into their rhythm and learn what their community wants. Harrow was a good chance to understand that myself, and to adapt to the way Digital Extremes do things. They had just come off Octavia’s... Read more

Xbox_Madden-Bundle300x300-smallXbox One S Madden NFL 18 Bundle Consoles

Get the Ultimate Madden Experience with the 500GB Xbox One S Madden NFL 18 Bundle Arriving August 25

It’s that time of year when NFL teams across the country start making their way to training camp, and with Xbox One as the official console of the NFL, we’ve got something for football fans everywhere: the Xbox One S Madden NFL 18 bundle (500GB). Xbox One S continues to be the best value in games and entertainment, and the Xbox One S Madden NFL 18 bundle (500GB) is just one more fun-packed deal for gaming and football fans this year. The bundle launches August 25 in the U.S., Canada and Mexico for $279 USD and includes: Xbox One S with a 500GB hard drive Standard edition of Madden NFL 18 Xbox Wireless Controller 1 month Xbox Game Pass subscription with unlimited access... Read more

US Xbox Q1 TB Large Image Games

Get a Free Game When You Purchase a New 1TB Xbox One S

There’s no better way to enjoy summer than with a new console and a free game! Starting today, when you purchase any new 1TB Xbox One S bundle, get a bonus game of your choice. Pick up Battlefield 1 and experience the dawn of all-out war. Or, own Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and experience an unfolding large-scale war and epic battles that deliver an authentic Call of Duty experience. Not sure which 1TB bundle to choose? Here are a few options: Experience a new generation of Gears with the Xbox One S Gears of War 4 Bundle (1TB), featuring a full game download of Gears of War 4 for Xbox One and Windows 10. Own the Xbox One S Halo Wars 2 Bundle (1TB), featuring a full game... Read more

Next Week on Xbox Small ImageNext Week on Xbox Large Image Games

Next Week on Xbox: New Games for July 24 – 30

Welcome once again to our weekly feature that covers all the new and exciting games coming soon to Xbox One. This coming week we have the galactic city simulator Aven Colony, the long-awaited CCG Fable Fortune entering Xbox Game Preview, and creative ID@Xbox titles like Super Cloudbuilt arriving in just a few days. Like every Saturday, Xbox Wire will be here to let you know when you can play these new games on Xbox One. So, without further delay, let’s look at what’s coming soon with Next Week on Xbox! Aven Colony - July 25 Venture to the stars and build a new home for humanity in Aven Colony. On Aven Prime, an alien planet full of deserts, tundras, and wetlands far from Earth,... Read more

Multiplayer All Access Small Image Multiplayer All Access Small Image Games

Play Destiny 2 Open Beta During the Multiplayer All-Access Weekend

Editor's Note: The Multiplayer All-Access event and Destiny 2 open beta are extended to Monday, July 24 at 9 p.m. PDT. The article has been updated to reflect this extended time. It’s simple -- games are better with friends. Starting Friday, July 21 to Monday, July 24 you can play online in any game you own with your friends for free during our Multiplayer All-Access event on Xbox One and Xbox 360 -- Xbox Live Gold membership not required. And if you're looking for a new multiplayer experience to try during the Multiplayer All-Access event, the Destiny 2 Open Beta on Xbox One also runs for free from July 21 to 24. Though let’s be real. You should play the Destiny 2 Open Beta even... Read more

Gigantic 1.0 Large Image Games

How to Choose Your Hero in Gigantic

Calling all heroes! Gigantic has officially launched on Xbox One and Windows 10. We at Motiga and Perfect World Entertainment couldn’t be more excited to get our unique hero-shooter into the hands of gamers across the globe. The development team has been working for years to create a visually stunning and strategic experience featuring massive Guardians, creatures to summon, and a diverse roster of heroes. One of the best aspects of gaming is that it offers experiences for all types of gamers. With Gigantic, we’re proud to offer 19 heroes (with many more on the way) that each have their own playstyles, diverse skill sets, and varied skill trees to fine-tune your gameplay for each... Read more

Xbox Comic-Con Small ImageXbox Comic-Con Large Image Events

Join Xbox at Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con, the world’s largest comic and pop-culture festival, is July 20 - 23, and Xbox is gearing up to make our mark both in and out of the convention center. We have a week of fun activities planned, including Middle-earth: Shadow of War gameplay, a huge photo experience, an explosive Crackdown 3 panel, exclusive Mixer streaming, and a Comic-Con Game Night sweepstakes. Whether you’ll be in California or will be tuning in on Mixer, there’s something for you! Read on for more details on everything Xbox at SDCC: Xbox Booth Hall A, Booth #100 Play Middle-earth: Shadow of War in the Xbox booth and check out the new Xbox One X. In this highly anticipated sequel to... Read more

DOOM Free Weekend Small ImageDOOM Free Weekend Large Image Games

Unleashing Update 6.66 and a Free Weekend for Doom on Xbox One

Editor's Note: We've updated the post to reflect that the free weekend for Doom is available to all players on Xbox One -- both Gold and Silvers alike. Did you miss out on playing Doom, one of the biggest shooters of last year? It’s okay, now's your chance. This weekend, we’re unleashing the ultimate Doom experience, dropping a jam-packed game update that makes all the DLC available to everyone, and inviting you to try all of it as part of a free weekend for all players. Starting at 9:00 a.m. PDT on Thursday, July 20, you can experience the thrill of blasting away hordes of demons in the first two levels of Doom’s critically-acclaimed campaign -- totally free! If that’s not... Read more

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