Free Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow Downloadable Content available today


Today, Ubisoft and Xbox Live are releasing a free content package for Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. The content was previously released as
premium content, but today is being released as a free download for all Xbox Live subscribers*


Today (1/4/05) Ubisoft and Xbox Live are releasing a download package for Spinter Cell:Pandora Tomorrow

The download is an optional, free content download package that contains two new maps: “River Mall” and “Federal Bank.”

Details of each map is below.


The downloads will be available on Tuesday, January 4th after 8pm ET/5pm PT.

You may have the download available before this time, but everyone will have access to it by the time posted above.

If you don’t see the download right away don’t panic. Don’t post that you don’t have it yet. It will show up shortly.


The downloads will be available to Xbox Live members in all countries that Xbox Live is sold EXCEPT: Japan

Details on the downloads:

The maps are not available for download individually, they are only available as a package.

The Mall:
A shopping mall in an average provincial town, far away from the hurly-burly of the world. The perfect place for striking terror into the heart of Middle America.
Like all shopping malls, this one has a flagship shop, an audio-video hypermarket called the HiFi Store, and a majestic entrance which serves as the mall’s central point.

Federal Bank
This is one of the local branches of the American Federal Reserve. Though the bank is not open to the public, it is visited by institutional customers (local government bodies, state organizations, etc.). Consequently, it has a reception area, but the rest of the bank is reserved exclusively for the bank’s own staff.
Unknown to the general public, the bank houses a sizeable stock of gold and many confidential documents. The documents and gold are stored in the high-security zone, beyond the impressive reinforced door.
By striking this bank, the terrorists’ aim is to hit one of the symbols of federal state power.

Thanks for using Xbox Live!

Note: This is the same content that was previously released as premium content. If members have previosly purchased this, there is no need to download it again. The content is identical.

Below is a link to a preview video I did a few months ago.

Link to view video (will open Windows Media Player)

Note: You need Windows Media Player 9 or greater to view this video.

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