UMD Movies? No thanks.

I mean really…so we need ANOTHER media format? Does anyone remember the MiniDisc? Yea, I didn’t think so. I used a MiniDisc for about 10-minutes years ago when the radio station I was working at was to damn cheap to buy a DAT recorder. (Sidenote: Sony has been trying to jam that format down our throats for 15+ years!) Back to my rant: Do we need another media format? I don’t think so. So I am not sure why Sony decided to use a new format (UMD) in their PSP. Oh yea, and I am going to go buy a copy of “Spiderman 2” that I can ONLY watch on my PSP and not my DVD player? Nope..not gunna do it. The UMD may be good for the PSP games, but trying to push pre-recoded media down our throats won’t work…at least here in the states.