Announcing the coolest headset you can’t buy

The guys at Plantronics are great. They make great stuff (like the Halo 2 headset…AND the regular Xbox Live headset that comes in the starter kit) and they are really nice people. Well they out did themselves this time. I came back from vacation to open my office door to this :

Look closley. Yup..that says “Xbox Major Nelson headset.”

My own headsets to give away to the Xbox Live community!

That’s right, no domestic stuff here. These are high end imported headsets. Direct from China it’s the very special, very limited edition Major Nelson headsets!

Here are some photos of these bad boys:

Yea, they look good

Note the rich faux corinthin leather detailing around the headband.

Not one, but TWO full earpieces. They cover your ears completey AND they can double as ear muffs if your gaming room is cold.

If these headsets were a car, they’d be a Lexus.

I am sure you are wondering…’just how do I get my hands one of these?” As you can see I have a BUNCH to give away…the first way I am going to do it is simple: Send me a photo of your current headset, along with a reason why YOU should have your own MN headset. Send me a digital photo and your plea for headset to [email protected] Then I’ll pull a winner. Don’t worry…I’ll be doing a lot more contests so they’ll be plenty of chances to win these ultra comfy headsets.

Thanks Plantronics…you guys are the best!

Edit: PLEASE don’t send attachments that are over 500k! Many of you have sent 2, 3 and 4 MB attachments and they are filling up my inbox. No need to resend, but if you have not sent any photos yet?PLEASE make sure they are less then 500k. No, please don’t send MULITPLE emails with different photos attached. One email, with the total attachment(s) less then 500k.