New Xbox Live logo certified routers

I am not sure if people know this, but Xbox Live has a free certification program for router manufactures. We have a team here that will test routers in our connectivity lab to ensure that they’ll work out of the box with Xbox Live. We then work with the manufactures to make sure everything ?~just works.? We do all the testing…all you need to do is look for this logo on your router :
Works with Live!
When you see that, you’ll know you can spend more time playing Halo 2 (or whatever game flips your switch) and less time tinkering with your routers ports etc.

You can read about the certification program here.

Anyway, I spoke to that team, and they are going to let me know when new routers are certified, so I can let you guys know as well (in addition to updating the page on

So, two new (Dlink) routers that just got approved are:

DLink DGL 4100 with firmware version 1.2

DLink DGL 4300 with firmware version 1.2

Product details are here?

(and as a bonus, those routers are Xbox black!)