Your last chance to go to E3

We ran two contests on of which we already awarded the winner of the random contest…congratulations to Mordeux (that’s his gamertag) from somewhere in the Mid-west, who will be with us at the big show next month. We still have ONE more trip to giveaway, but you’ll have to work for it this time. We are getting a LOT of entries, but TriXie just gave me this update:

We’ve received about 500 entries, and the vast majority are weak. I don’t care if you want to get away from your wife and kids?”not my problem. Ladies, no, I don’t want to see your %$@#. Gentlemen, to my knowledge, prostitution is still illegal in the state of California, so your offers to ?~take care of me’ me in exchange for a trip to E3 simply won’t work. Twelve-year olds and Canadians? sorry, those are the rules?”no exceptions. I’ve only received three videos, and one was from a 20 year old trying to bend the age requirement. You’ve got two more days?get creative!

So there ya have it…plenty of time to get your creative (clean) entry in so that you can (maybe) join us at E3 in LA for all the cool stuff that we’ll unveil.

Link to details of the contest