M-TV Post Party Blogcast

Ok, it’s late and I am exhausted, but I wanted to get you guys a blogcast as quick as I could. Before I get to that, let me just say what a great bunch of winners we had. I spent a few hours with them before the show, and they were all very nice…and very excited. After I met with them, I had to go and work the green carpet. You can see some of the green carpet photos here or in the sidebar of my blog. I can’t show any of the photos from the inside of the party yet…you’ll have to wait for next week to see that. Oh and the stars? I need to get the whole list…but Tony Hawk, Alyssa Milano, Chris Kattan are just a few of the folks I bumped into on the carpet. I’ll get my hands on the larger list when I am more coherent.

On to the blogcast:
The audio is not as good as usual since I don’t have my normal mic with me. That said, I was able to get a few minutes with show host Elijah Wood (which I recorded with my Creative Zen Micro.) Yea the party was great. YES the new console is dead sexy….no you can’t see it (or the name) until the world premiere on MTV next week. Until then, enjoy the sites and sounds that I have provided here. I’ll have more to share after the premiere.

Blogcast in MP3 format
Blogcast in WMA format

(I am tired, so I am putting both the WMA and MP3 files in this one post)

Ok, that’s it…off to bed.

Edit: I just noticed that TriXie has some photos and more star details on her blog. Sorry boys, no photos of her.