(Hopefully) Leaving LA soon

I am at Burbank airport, on my way back to Seattle tonight. Before I came to the airport, I stopped of at Reprise Records to see some friend of mine. They are going to work on getting a few Reprise recording artists to drop by the E3 Community party in a couple of weeks. I made it clear that unless they are gamers, then don’t bother. I don’t want anyone at the party that is not a gamer of some sort! After they let me raid their CD closet for some freebies, I came over to the airport. After checking in, I found out that my flight is delayed. Fortunately, I found a WiFi hotspot to, umm, ‘borrow’ a connection to upload this post. I am starting to hate Alaska Airlines, since they can’t seem to run on time lately?and their flights are becoming increasingly unreliable. Hopefully I can get outta here tonight. On another note, I was thinking of the party last night and I forgot to mention one of the stars I interviewed was Efren Ramirez. Who is he? He is none other then Pedro from “Napoleon Dynamite.” We had a great chat…and when I asked if he was on Live…he said no. We both agreed that he should be on live with the gamertag ‘Pedro.’ (which is probably long gone, but still a funny thought none the less.) I am going to end this post now, since I don’t know how much longer my complimentary WiFi will continue. Hopefully I will be back in Seattle in a few hours.