PrE3 Monday (Get ready for the Keynote)

I just went over to the Expo center to check out the Xbox booth. Since they are still setting up, there is not much to show yet. I will say this, the Xbox booth is ENOURMOUS. I am hoping to have photos of it tomorrow. I was able to grab a shot of some of the crates backstage, as well as an outside of the Expo center shot. I uploaded those to Flickr. If you are reading this via my RSS feed, you’ll need visit my site (where you’ll see them in the right column of my site) or hit my album directly on Flickr here. Later this afternoon I’ll be going over to the Shrine auditorium to prepare for the keynote tonight. My goal is to have a blogcast of the Keynote online by 9:30P pt. (sorry East coasters…it’s a late show tonight.)

In addition, don’t forget that you can watch the whole thing Live on Now would be a good time to make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player to make sure you are not panicking tonight when your computer does not have the right ?~stuff’ to watch it live. They’ll have a version you can watch later, but it won’t be up unti a few hours after the show.