What type of TV will you need for the Xbox 360?

One of the top questions I have seen in the community is what type of TV will be needed for an XBox 360 ? I asked the team of engineers to give me the straight dope, and here is what I found out (this is directly copied from my email):

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Q: What type of television do I need to use an Xbox 360?

A: Xbox 360 will work great on all TVs

Just like the original Xbox, Xbox 360 will output to all major resolution standards found in TVs today ?” 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i. The key difference is that with Xbox 360 if someone has a 720p or 1080i capable TV and they choose that resolution in the dashboard, all Xbox 360 games will support it. Today, only a handful of Xbox titles support the higher resolutions.

The same thing goes for widescreen. You do not need a widescreen TV to run Xbox 360 but if you have one and you select the setting in the dashboard, all games will support it.

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