Rainbow Six: Black Arrow free download


Today (6/1) Ubisoft and Xbox Live are releasing a new download for Rainbow Six: Black Arrow

The download is called “Bootcamp.” This is a free* download for all Xbox Live members

The download will be available Today (6/1/05) after 8am ET/5am PT.

You may have the downloads available before this time, but everyone will have access to it by the time posted above.
If you don’t see the download right away don’t panic. It will appear shortly.

The downloads will be available to Xbox Live members in all countries that Xbox Live is sold.

Details on the downloads:
Location: Hereford, England
The Rainbow Six Bootcamp is a secluded compound where Rainbow operatives come to train and acquire specializations. Bootcamp is big enough to accommodate up to 16 players but not big enough to have you lost. It was design to be great for both the Retrieval & Total Conquest modes? and it shows.

*Additional connect charges from your ISP may be involved