New Xbox Live Arcade title: Think Tanks

Hey, Xbox Live Arcade fans…you have some new downloadable content! “Think Tanks” is now online and ready for you to enjoy.

Here are the details:
– 1 Player (on a single console)
– Online Multiplayer with Voice (supports up to 6 players)
– Scoreboards

Now that you’ve escaped the evil Alien Mind Control, use your brain’s brawn to defeat the bots that want you back, then rescue your brain brethren as well. Battle the bots in single-player mode, or go online to outwit other real, live brains just like yours!


ESRB Rating: E10+ with Mild Violence

PEGI Rating: 3+

USK Rating: 12+

CERO Rating: All Ages

Languages Supported: English / French / Italian / German / Spanish

Price: $9.99 USD *

*Check your Xbox Live Arcade download screen for specific pricing for your country.