What I use to produce my blogcasts

I often get asked what my technical set up is for recording my blogcasts.
Here is a list of hardware and software that I use on a week to week basis for the recording:

Dell XPS Laptop
running Windows XP Pro SP2
Mobile Pre USB External soundcard (allow me to use two XLR Microphones)
Shure SM58 Microphone (2)
Adobe Audition 1.5
Windows Media Encoder (Free)
AudioShell 1.0 (Free)

Once I get the recording mastered, I then use Audition to
export the MP3 version of the file. I also export a WAV version that I can pull
into Windows Media Encoder to create the WMA version of the file. Once I have
the MP3 and WMA versions of my files, I then use Audio Shell to enter the
metadata (see example below.)

Hopefully this will help you in producing your blogcast!