Halo 2 Maptacular Pack now available

If you are having problems downloading the maps, please see the FAQ’s at the bottom of this post

Today, Tuesday (7/5/05) Bungie and Xbox Live have released a new premium downloadable content package for Halo 2.

The Maptacular Premium Map Pack: is one content download that contains five new maps:


The Maptacular Premium Map Pack is a premium download. The cost of the download is Price: US $11.99
Note: These maps are not available for purchase individually, they are only available as a package. Please check the content downloader in Halo 2 for specific pricing in your country.

Having problems purchasing or downloading the maps? It’s important to mention that you can avoid most problems by making sure your account information is up to date. Read how to update your account information here Additional FAQ’s are are at the bottom of this post.

The downloads are available Today, Tuesday, July 5 after 7am ET/4am PT.

This premium content will be available to Xbox Live members in all countries that Xbox Live is sold *

Details on the downloads:

For complete details on the maps, please visit Bungie. net. or Xbox. com

Xbox.com information
Bungie.net information

*Additional connect charges from your ISP may be involved


Q: Help…I can’t download the maps. I can download free content, but I can’t seem to download premium content!
A: If you can download free content, and not the premium content…the problem most likely resides in your credit card or billing information you have given to Xbox Live. Specifically, the card we have on file may have expired, or your bank may have declined the authorization to purchase or your billing information is out dated. You’ll need to update your credit card information with a valid credit card that can handle the charge you put against it and make sure that your billing information is accurate. Here are instructions on how to update this information in the Xbox dashboard

Q: I can’t seem to download either the free or the premium maps. What do I do?
A: Assuming that you can connect to Xbox Live and your billing/credit card information is correct (see above) then this may be a problem with your connection. Read the Troubleshooting Connection Issues Guide on Xbox.com for help.

Q: I did all that and I still can’t download any premium content.
A: Make sure you (or your parents) have not disabled purchasing of premium content. To enable purchases, go to your Xbox Live dashboard, then go to Account Management. Then, go to Account Settings. You’ll need the last four digits of the credit card used to open this account to proceed. Once you punch in the last four digits of the credit card. You’ll be able to get to the next screen. On this next screen, make sure Premium Purchases are enabled.

Q: I need to check my billing info, but what if I can’t remember the last 4 digits of the credit card I used to create my account? I can’t edit my billing information without that.
A: Call 1-800-4MYXBOX (North America only, check Xbox.com for your local support number.) Customer Support can ask you a few questions to confirm your identity, then provide the last 4 numbers they have on file.

Q: I want to download only one of the maps in the premium pack, can I just get the one map?
A: No, they are only available as a package.

Q:Can I copy the content I download to an MU to take with me?
A: No.

Q: If I have (insert number here) Xbox’s at home…do I need to purchase the content for each one, or can I copy it to them once I purchase it on one of my boxes?
A: You’ll need to purchase the DLC for each box you want to use the content on.

Q: My internet connection went down/failed in the middle of the download I purchased. If I start again, will I be charged twice ?
A: No. You can go back in and continue to download and be confident that you won’t be charged again (even though you had to authorize the purchase the second time when you went into, that was only to continue where you left off. )

Q:My box broke, and I need to get a new one. I went to (insert favorite retailer here) and got a new box…how can I get the maps I already purchased onto the new box.
A: You will need to purchase the content again. Premium content is tied to the Xbox it was downloaded on NOT the gamertag.

And finally, courtesy of Bungie.net:
Q: Ok, I got the maps how do I play the new maps on Xbox Live?
A: Initially, the new maps can only be played in custom games between players who have purchased them. Our current plans are to update the Matchmaking Playlists on Monday, July 11th at which time the five new maps will be available for play in the “Team Preview” and “Rumble Preview” playlists. You will only be able to access these playlists if you have the new maps installed on your Xbox. (Source: Bungie.net’s weekly update)