Blogging from 30,000 feet

Boeing 747

In a post I made two weeks ago, I was talking about how I was I was not invited to this event. Everyone’s favorite blogger, Robert Scoble made a phone call for me and I got an invite (thanks Robert.) The event is next week, and I’ll be sure to blog from ‘up there’ in addition I may record a special mid-week blogcast (as long as the cabin is not too loud.) What I *really* wanted to do (and I still may be able to to on a future flight) is to bring along an Xbox and a TV and play Xbox Live from 30,000 feet with some community members. I’ll be sure to discuss this with the Connexion team during the flight. Due to the way the Connexion service works, a connection to Live probably won’t work…but I sure want to give it a try.

(BTW: I am offline the rest of the day….going to spend it with my sister who is in from out of town…later)