J Allard injury report

A few of you have emailed me asking what is up w/ J Allard and his injury. In case you have not heard, he broke his left arms radius and scaphoid. He stopped by my office today and told me about it. It was a pretty nasty fall he took while mountain biking up in Whistler, B.C. In addition to the damage to his left arm, he also cracked a couple of ribs. Below are photos that J took of himself (with his camera phone) when he was in the ER getting treated. (On a side note, he was biking with another member of the Xbox team who separately on another run broke his LEFT hand.)

We each send and receive a lot of mail at Microsoft…and J Allard is no different. He and I were chatting, and he said since he can only type with one hand, it’s REALLY hard for him to send emails. Does anyone know of a T9 driver that J can download for his PC? That would be a perfect solution for him to type with one hand until the other mends. The good news is that this won’t affect the launch of the Xbox 360 at all.