Chat with J Allard

For the past couple of days, I have been forwarding mail to J regarding some of the concerns the community has had with the recent announcements. Meanwhile J has been reading many of the online forums himself. Based on the some of the posts over the past few days, it’s clear there are still some questions that need to be answered (and some misinformation that needs to be cleared up.) J came to me and asked if I could help set up a direct dialogue with you, so we can get your feedback and answer your questions firsthand. Tomorrow (Sunday) you’ll have your chance.

J will do a live chat tomorrow afternoon that will be open to anyone that would like to attend. This will be a 60 minute, open forum chat where you can ask J anything. J would like to provide some perspective around the two SKU approach for Xbox 360, and answer as many questions as he can about the Xbox 360 during the hour. This will be a very candid discussion. I am expecting this will be a popular chat. We’ll try and get to as many questions as we can to make sure everyone is heard. One more thing: you’ll need to attend the chat to ask the questions?we won’t be taking questions any other way.

Basic ground rules: I’ll be moderating, and I won’t edit questions?but I will have to reject submissions that are profane, inappropriate, etc. (keep it clean please!)

Ok, on to the details:

What: Chat with J Allard about the Xbox 360

When: 12p-1p PT on Sunday August 21, 2005

Where: Join tomorrow at 12n PT through this link

Note: You will need a .NET Passport to login. If you’ve got an MSN or Hotmail account, or your already post in the Xbox forums, you’ve got a .NET Passport already and you are good to go..other wise get a free .NET passpord here.
You can find the system requirements here but the chat will work on Mac and Firefox.

It’s important to know that the Xbox execs really value your opinions and insights, as is demonstrated by J wanting to meet with everyone. As J is showing his respect for your opinion by participating in this dialog, I would hope you treat him with the same respect.

Thanks and I’ll see you tomorrow 8/ 21 at 12p PT.

P.S. If you can’t make it, I’ll be sure there is a transcript available.