On my way to the show


Today is Robbie Bach’s keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show. They keynote is being held at the Tokyo Game Show convention hall in Mauhari, which is about an hour train ride outside of Tokyo. (It’s actually out near Tokyo Disneyland.) Since this it the first day of the show, it is the first time that I’ll have a chance to actually see the venue, as well as the Xbox booth. Following the Keynote, I’ll finally have time to walk around the hall and take a look at what I’ll be in for. I have talked to some folks on the Xbox team who have attended the show in the past, and they have all said that tomorrow (Saturday) is the big day. Saturday and Sunday, the game show is open to the public and while we know that the Japanese are serious about their gaming?they take it to a whole new level this weekend. Apparently, the fans show up to the show dressed in complete costume of their favorite game character. In addition to the show floor being packed, they’ll also be thousands of fans in huge costumes roaming the floor. Tomorrow promises to be very circus like. In the meantime, I’ll have blogcast of the keynote up later today/tomorrow morning (if I can find internet connectivity at the venue ?or I’ll just come back to my hotel here in Tokyo) in addition I’ll be producing more photos and Photo Stories for Xbox.com.

Oh and the photo? Yea, that’s me in about 30 minutes when I need to get on the train to the venue. Talk to you later.

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