Robbie Bach keynote going live soon

I am here in a hotel umm, borrowing internet access and I am working on getting the Robbie Bach keynote blogcast posted. While I am waiting for it to finish encoding, I thought I’d let you know I actually got to sit in the front row of the Nintendo press briefing this morning. I was sitting next to Robbie himself, who was next to Peter Moore (they both wanted to know when the ‘cast was going to be posted and what the community was saying.) We sat through the whole Nintendo briefing and we were not quite sure what to think of the Nintendo controller. You could hear a interesting hush come across the press in the audience. I was sitting about 30-feet away from the controller when it was being shown and I don’t get it yet. My sense is that Nintendo will make some great first party games that really use it, while 3rd party will just use the adapter that was mentioned. I must say, at first glance it looks awfully uncomfortable to hold for a long period of time. I will say it’s a bold move. I’ll talk more about sitting with Robbie and Peter in my next ‘cast.