New York Media Event: Day 2

Tuesday was the final day of our Xbox 360 Preview Event here in New York. I don’t know the exact number, but we showed the Xbox 360 to a LOT of media, journalists and bloggers. Today’s agenda had a lot of game bloggers, and some influential community members in attendance. We had top community contributors from the IGN, Xbox 365, Gamingage, Xbox Addict, Gamespot and the 1up forums and message boards. As a bonus, one of the top posters at the boards was invited. That’s right?one of the guys from deep inside the Playstation forums joined us. He came. he saw. He was amazed. He actually told me ?~I was going to buy one anyway?but I am even more excited now.’ That was pretty much the feeling from everyone I spoke with. Each person had their favorite game, but generally speaking everyone walked away with good things to say. I met Justin from Even though Justin is a student, and in the throws of mid-terms, he took the day off and got himself to NYC to play the games. I spoke with him a few times, but he (and everyone else) did not come to chat with me?they came to play some games. So I stayed out of everyone’s way, and let them play as much as they wanted to. In the evening we had a cocktail party hosted by Peter Moore and Shane Kim where everyone from the past two days was invited back for food, drinks and to continue playing the games.

Peter Rojas and Ryan Block from Engadget dropped by today. Peter was here yesterday, but it was great to meet Ryan and show him the Xbox 360 and some of the games. In addition, some of the PMS Clan dropped by and the ladies dug right in and kicked some gaming ass. I am not sure how I managed to do it, but I completely missed meeting the Gizmodo guys. It was that crazy.

Here are some links to stories from people that attended the NYC event:’.php

Edit: Engadget has a new podcast posted. During the first 10 minutes of the show, Peter spends some time discussing his Xbox 360 experience.

It’s also important to point out that we held a similar event the past two days in San Francisco. Since I was not there, I can’t give you the blow by blow descriptions like I am doing here in New York..but this news story over at Cnet gives you a good idea of what is happening in the city by the bay. (It sounds like they have better food then we did in New York.)

BTW: Blake Fischer (mentioned in the Cnet story) was the guy who gave me a tour of Akihabara in Japan last month.

Once again, I am off to the airport to catch a plane. Hopefully I can stay on the ground in Seattle long enough for me to get my body clock on some sort of regular schedule.