E3 Faceplates WILL fit the Xbox 360

From the ‘why does this keep coming up’ department: There is some false information floating around that the limited edition faceplates that we gave away at E3 don’t fit the Xbox 360. I’m not sure how folks can confirm that since there are no retail units available to anyone outside of the Xbox team, but I am happy to report that the special limited edition E3 faceplates fit the final retail Xbox 360 just fine. I tested it. It works. Perhaps the person who tried to attach it was working with one of our dev kits, or pre-production units. I have uploaded some photos I just took of my faceplate on an actual retail Xbox 360 to disprove this rumor that keeps resurfacing. As you can see from the photos?the E3 faceplate fits perfectly. Let this rumor die once and for all please.

See the E3 Faceplate fit on a retail Xbox 360.