Back in the office today

I hope you all had (or are having) a nice Holiday. Mine was spent much like the common joke about fortune cookies: …in bed. I caught a nasty cold late last week, so I spent the entire holiday weekend medicating myself with Zithromax and cough syrup (with a hint of Codeine to help me sleep.) Five days later, I am about 75% back, no longer infectious and trying to catch up on mail and blogs. Due to my sickness, I got very little game playing in, spending much of my time staring at the pretty gems in Bejeweled 2, although that did not help my gamerscore at all. I pretty much spent a majority of my conscious time with the Xbox Live Arcade Games, since they were easy to jump in and out of as I nodded off under my prescriptive based consciousness. As I walk the road back to health, I am going to work on my blogcast schedule for the next couple of weeks. I may round up some folks here in the office to record a special New Year’s edition of the show. For now though, I need to catch up on email and get ready for CES next week.