needs a new home

I need a new hosting provider. It’s been great, but the site needs an upgrade of a server power and bandwidth, both of which I don’t want to pursue with my current provider. WordPress, the blogging software that I use, has held up fairly well under pressure (remember the Leipzig outage of August ?~05?) but I need a new hosting solution to move both it and my blogcast files on to.

Got any tips? Here is what I am looking for:

Support for WordPress (PHP)
ASP. NET 1.1 Support, if ASP. NET 2.0 is supported that’s a plus, since I want to move to a .Net solution eventually.
MSSQL Support, SQL Server 2000 preferable
Support for user-created scripts
Good administration software, such as Plesk
A decent database manager
RDP Support is a plus
SSH Support is a plus (not sure if there are any Windows hosters that support SSH)
All of the other obvious other webhosting features (FTP, email accounts, etc.)

Yea, I know it is a lot…but it’s what I need to keep my site going and keep bringing you the weekly blogcasts and information I share here on the site.

If you have any ideas, or better yet, want to host my site…drop me an email.