DOA Spartan Screenshots

One of the Xbox Live team members is a DOA fanatic…every day he would stop by and ask if I got DOA4 in yet. As soon as I did, I handed it to him and told him that I needed screen shots of the “Spartan 458” character the moment he unlocked her. He sent them over, and I uploaded them to my Flickr site. I have not seen many photos of “Spartan 458” (other then the ones at Bungie) so I thought I’d share the ones that he took…which show a little of how gorgeous the game looks on the Xbox 360.
Warning: Some of the shots are a little, uh, graphic 😉

Spolier: If you have not unlocked the Spartan yet, and don’t want to ruin the surprise, DO NOT look at the photos.

[See “Spartan 458” up close on my Flickr site]