Top 20 of 2005

Every one is doing their own ?~top of 2005′ list, so it’s now my turn. Here are the top 20 posts I made in 2005, based in the number of comments received.

1. Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3, Part 4 of 4
2. J. Allard Chat Transcript
3. Leaving Germany Today
4. More Photos From Germany
5.Xbox 360 Details and Prices
6. Chat with J. Allard
7. Presenting ?oMy Xbox? and the all new Xbox forums
8. New Marketplace Content
9. Xbox 360 Availability
10.Replenishments, Recall Rumors, and Replacements
11.Show 152, The one about Xbox availability
12.Leipzig Announcement Blogcast
13.What should I name my blogcast?
14.Update to the Update
15.How do you like it?
16.Sirius or XM?
17.Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility information
18.HD Kameo footage
19.New York media event day 2
20.Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Blogcast MP3

Note: To prevent comment spam, comments automatically close after a few weeks…so while you can’t post any more on the above posts, you can still read the commente.