Welcome new Xbox Bloggers

When I started this blog over two years ago, no one in the Xbox product team was blogging. I launched this blog in 2004 after I joined the Xbox team as a way of sharing a little bit of what goes on here at Xbox, as well we other things that I personally find interesting (like gadgets.) Since then, it’s become rather successful (1.7 million hits in the past 4 days !) Recently, a few other people around the Xbox division decided to jump in and start blogging.

Or course TriXie has her blog, but there are some new ones that you may want to keep an eye on:

Xbox Team Blog This is a blog run by the team that works on the Xbox console software (the Dashboard) Great folks that write great code

Xbox PR Blog PR? Blogging? Yup…you heard it here first. The PR team is now blogging all their Xbox and Windows gaming PR goodness here.

Xbox’s Elle Elle works on all of the Xbox documentation that you read when you buy an Xbox 360, or any of the Xbox made peripherals. She often has interesting ‘how to’ articles posted on her blog.

Of course I’ll still be blogging, but it’s good to see other members of the division joining me.