‘The Outfit’

The Outfit
I just finished playing ?~The Outfit‘ multi-player demo. (You can download it for free from the Xbox Live marketplace.) I played it for a little over an hour, and I have to say I liked it. I was initially put off by this game since it did not make sense to me. But here is how I can help it make sense for you. First and foremost?this is is NOT a first (or third) person shooter. Once you approach it with that mindset, and understand what the game is NOT, then you can start to understand what the game IS. This is a strategy game, with a little first third person shooting when you need it. While playing the MP mode, I was mowed over again and again since I was approaching this from FPS thought. Once I let that go, and started understanding that I need to lay down as many machine gun nests as fast as possible, and then start building my strategy to flank and control the bases?the game clicked for me. Strategy is the key?this is not a ?~run-and-gun’ game, this is a ?~run and lay down as many guns as you can’ game. I think it’s important to point this out, since I know some folks may be downloading this game and thinking that it is another war shooter; this is not. This will be a strange game for some, but sign into Xbox Live and play a few rounds with some people. Watch how they do it (well?the players that are winning anyway…) and you’ll start to learn that this is a very different game then you’ve played on Xbox Live before. I am not sure what the single player mode is like (since the demo is all about MP) but give the demo a try with an open mind, you may be pleasantly surprised.