Ridge Racer 6 Demo

Don’t have it? The demo is now on Marketplace for you to download and give it a try.

Edit: Not sure what’s going on…but some folks dont’ see it yet. I’ll update when I can.

Never mind…the demo got pulled. That will teach me to blog it before I actually play the demo myself. I’ll update you when it’s back 🙂

Ok, it’s back up. Resume downloading.

Edit: So what happened? It turns out that the wrong file was placed on the server. The team realized it, tracked down the proper file, and made the correction. Total time of the mystery: less then 2 hours.

Yea, sorry about that?but that’s what happened. No drama, just a simple case of the wrong file. Yea, we are getting some checks in place to make sure this won’t happen again.