On my way to San Jose…

I am running out the door to catch a plane to the Game Developers Conference in San Jose. When I land, I hit the XNA booth to find out what’s up over there, then tomorrow morning there is an invite only bloggers breakfast. Both Peter Moore and Chris Satchell will be there, along with representatives from all your favorite blogs including:

Christopher Grant (Joystiq & Xbox 360 Fanboy)
Brian Crecente (Kotaku)
Joel Johnson (Gizmodo)
Steven Glicker (Gaming Steve)
Adam Levine (Gamer Andy)

I gotta tell you, I am really excited to meet these guys. I can see Peter and Chris anytime in the company cafeteria, but how often can I dine with these guys?

Look for photos and more on my Flickr site. In the mean time, check out the XNA site over at Microsoft. com, it has some of the presentations online for your reading pleasure.