Blogger’s Breakfast photos

Both Peter Moore and Chris Satchell spent an hour this morning having an open discussion with a few of the more popular gaming bloggers. You can see the photos over at my flickr site (complete with captions of who is who.)
I need to catch a plane back to Seattle now, and I’ll talk more on my show this week about the breakfast, but I am sure that the sites in attendance (Joystiq & Xbox 360 Fanboy, Kotaku, Gizmodo, Gaming Steve and Gamer Andy) will have posts up later today about the discussion.

Edit: here is a list of bloggers and their blogs:

Christopher Grant (Joystiq & Xbox 360 Fanboy)
Brian Crecente (Kotaku)
Joel Johnson (Gizmodo)
Steven Glicker (Gaming Steve)
Adam Levine (Gamer Andy)