Reminder: Free Gold Weekend

This weekend is the Free Xbox Live Gold Weekend. While your gamercard will still show as silver on and in the console, the Xbox Live service will ‘see’ you as a gold account. That means that all this weekend (3/31-4/2) all US based silver accounts will be able to experience online Xbox 360 multiplayer play. If you still have a silver account, now would be a good time to earn some of those multiplayer achievements like the ones in Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighteror Perfect Dark Zero.

Oh, and here’s a little secret: We’re actually flipping the ?~free’ switch tonight around 10p ET/7p PT ?so if you have silver account you can sneak in before the ‘official’ weekend begins. So go download the BF2:MC or the GRAW demo and get ready for some hot multiplayer action.

Remember: This is for US based silver accounts only. Why? Because a US based company (Verizon) sponsored it and they don’t advertise outside of the US. Sorry, I don’t know if/when a promotion like this will happen in the rest of the regions that have Xbox Live.