Meanwhile, down on Hollywood Blvd . . .

I have been spending the past couple of hours over here at Grauman’s Chinese Theater and The Roosevelt Hotel. Tomorrow’s press briefing will take place at the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theater (you know, the one with all the footprints in the cement) and immediately after the briefing, invited guests will walk across Hollywood Blvd to the Roosevelt Hotel (which also has a bit of old Hollywood history) for break out sessions. In these break out sessions, guests will visit dedicated rooms around the pool area. The fun kicks off tomorrow at 11:30am. Complete coverage on directly after the briefing.

Here is an aerial view of the theater and the pool area at the hotel. This shot shows both. (once you hit those links, click bird’s eye link in the upper left to get a nice satellite view)

Speaking of E3, I have not even had a chance to hit the Convention Center yet (it’s across town from the briefing) but John from the Gamerscore blog spent the morning there and uploaded photos to his Flickr site.