Last batch of my E3 Xbox videos are posted

It’s almost closing time here at E3. The crowds are thinning, and the lines are getting shorter. The last group of videos have been posted on, including a behind-the-scenes look at the tech behind the Xbox booth (with Tyler who joined me on my ‘HiDef podcast’ a few months ago.)  It turns out that I have the flu, have lost my voice and never got too play with the Wii controller. I am going to take this last hour of the show to head over to Nintendo’s booth and see if I can take a look at the new DS games, as well as the Wii. The Sony booth is right across the aisle from Nintendo, so I’ll be sure to stop and see what’s up over there. Hopefully my voice will come back before Sunday so I can do a show.

Edit: This is actually the last video we did…you can hear that I have barely have a voice left.