Oblivion Content: Mehrunes Razor

Mehrunes’ Razor’ for Oblivion is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This premium content is 250 point and is available in the following Xbox Live regions: Canada, United States, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan,Australia and New Zealand.

Here is a brief description of the content:

The lost Ayleid City Varsa Baalim has been unearthed by a rogue Telvanni arch-mage, in pursuit of a fearsome Daedric Artifact, Mehrunes Razor, which he believes will give him the power he needs to topple the Imperial reign – but what horrors lie in wait beneath the Valus mountains; and can you overcome them to claim Mehrunes Razor as your own?


  • A fully-featured quest takes you deep into the fringes of the Niben.
  • Earn the fearsome Mehrunes Razor, with the ability to kill foes instantly.
  • 17 new magic items to discover!
  • Conquer the largest dungeon in all Cyrodiil.
  • Thwart a plot to overthrow Imperial rule in Tamriel.
  • 12 new books, notes, and journals to help you unravel the mystery.