An(other) Xbox blog to watch

Andre Vrignaud, who works at the Game Technology Group here at Microsoft, has jumped on to the blogging bandwagon, and can now be found over at (Which is also his Gamertag) Andre’s blog will complement my blog, as well as the rest of the ones that can be found across the Xbox campus. I guess now would be a good time to do a quick run down of who from the Xbox team is blogging and where:

TriXie – from
Gamerscore blog – Highly staffed blog from the Xbox and Games for Windows PR and Marketing team.
Circlets – Home of Elle, who is a technical writer for Xbox.
Xbox Team – Four of the guys that work on the team that build the Xbox 360 software (aka the dashboard) – David Weller who handles Developer Community
Reflections – Julien from the XNA Team – Boris is an Xbox Product Manager in Germany (his Blog is in German, so fire up Babel Fish if you don’t speak/read German.)

I am sure there are a couple more folks that are blogging but we’re a big division so if I missed you, email me and I’ll add you to the list.

Edit: oops..forgot Dave’s blog
Edit: Added a few more