How to automatically stream podcasts (and more!) to your Xbox 360

If you share music and pictures to your Xbox 360 from your PC, then you may want to take a look at TVersity. This is an app that let’s you ‘manage your Internet and home media’ and then share it with your Xbox 360 (or PSP.) That means you can actually set it up to grab podcasts (like mine) and have them automatically appear as a playlist on your Xbox 360 – all using the PC as a way to grab and manage the content. No need to download the audio on your computer, move it to a storage unit, and then plug it into the Xbox 360. As a bonus, you can also set it up to pull Flickr photos in as well!

I have no idea how well it works, but it looks interesting. Can someone give it a try and report back on your progress?

[TVirsity details & screen shots here]

Thanks for the pointer blog reader Roy.