Other ways to look at your Xbox Live activity

I am catching up on email, and realized that I have a couple of sites I need to blog about that use Xbox Live data in a pretty nifty way.

I suck...At GamerScoreChart.com you can make a progress chart like this that you can embed into your email or forum sig. The graph is showing my Gamerscore progress (or in my case, lack of progress) over the last month. The 'G' indicates when I unlocked achivements, to futher illustrate my lameness.  
Just swing over to the site, and plug in your Gamertag for your very own personalized progress chart. You can also compare your tag to someone else as well.

..here you can see how I suck even more.
Meanwhile, My360Stats.com gives you another way to look at your data including this Gamerscore Status Chart, which in my case is even more depressing. I guess that what happens when you have access to all the Xbox 360 titles, but no time to play them. You can also plug in a few Gamertags to compare your status to up to four of your friends.


These two sites are part of our Xbox Community Developer Program, which is a collection of independent developers (read: small) that we work with to enable cool apps like these.

Note: We are currently not accepting any more applications to join the program. When we open it back up, I’ll let you know. 

Edit: I set up the images to serve from my server.