Show and Travel Schedule

As I alluded to in last weeks episode, I am not going to be posting a show today since I’ll be preparing for my trip to the Game Convention in Leipzig Germany.  My flight is later today, and therefore I just won’t have time to produce a show before I depart. While working from Germany, I am going to be recording and posting our keynote speech on Wednesday (don’t expect it up until after 6pm local time) plus I’ll see if I can grab XNA’s Chris Satchell to chat more about the recent XNA announcements. I’ll also see who else I can corner with my microphone to chat about the convention and gaming in Europe.

Fear not though, I’m not going to leave you totally with out audio today! For your listening
(dis?) pleasure, I have dusted off and re-posted my very first show from January 2005. It’s really rough and only eleven-minutes long, but it may be worth a laugh or two to listen to how it all got started. 
Also, I am not going to place this one on iTunes – this is a blog only special. Truth be told, I really don’t want it up there with my more recent shows.

Hey, did anyone get their September issue of Wired Magazine yet? I just got mine in yesterday, and while I was saving it for the plane I could not help but read the very interesting story on Sony (page 189.) Give it a read when you can (I just looked, and it’s not on Wired’s website yet.)

If you are passing through the Seattle, Copenhagen, Frankfurt or Leipzig airports over the next day keep an eye out for me.

Talk to you in a few days from Germany.

[Listen to show number 1]