Leipzig Game Convention Photos

I just uploaded a bunch of photos to Flickr. In this set, you’ll get a preview of the lush Xbox booth, as well as some pictures of the huge glass entrance hall to the convention center. You’ll also see a Flight Simulator X model that is waiting to be hung, and a curious stone water feature. During the show, you can step into the center of the stone circle and walk (or run) and you can control the speed of images on huge screens above you. I got in and tried and now I know how a hamster feels.

A couple of other points:

  • The tent is a special tent where press and VIP’s can hang out. Sorry, no public access
  • Any games rated for 16 or older or 18 and older can not be visible from the show floor. They are shown in a separate gated area.
  • The section with the raised platform is an area for Xbox Live members to hang out and play games. You had to register your gamertag prior to the show to gain access.
  • The domed screen is hooked up to the new Flight Simulator X and really increases the sensation of flight.

The press briefing is tomorrow, and I’ll post the audio as soon as I can get it compressed and uploaded tomorrow afternoon.

[See the photos at Flickr]