Registration FAQ

What is registration? 


Registration allows members of Xbox Live to signup for an account on this site, and maintain a reputation among commenters rather than just have the ability to post under any name you wish. Not to mention you can show off your Xbox Live subscription level. It also allows us to keep track of some data which, in the future, will allow any anonymous or registered user to specify a minimum threshold other’s comments are required to maintain in order for them to be visible. It will also allow you to access all of the cool features we have planned for the future.


How do I register?

Registering is quite simple, all you need to do is create your user account and then proceed to validate that you own that account. Once you do that you’re done. To register you can follow this link to create an account.

What if I don’t have a gamertag?

You can create one on


How do I validate that I own my gamertag?

In order to validate that you own the gamertag you wish to sign up with we require that you change your motto to a series of numbers that we designate, which is displayed in bold on the registration page after you create the account. Please note that the privacy settings for your “Gamer Profile”, must be set to “Everyone”. Otherwise we are unable to detect the changes made to your motto, and subsequently we are unable to activate your account. There is a batch approval process that runs every fifteen minutes; which will subsequently approve your account after we detect your motto is set to the one we designate. Please note that it may take up to an hour after you change your motto for us to see the changes.


How do I login once I have registered?

You can follow this link to login.


What happens if I changed my gamertag after creating an account?

You can change your gamertag here as well. You will be prompted to go through and complete a process similar to registering; however, all that happens at the end is your gamertag here changes to the gamertag you changed it to on Xbox Live.


What should I do if I have problems during signup that are not covered here?

Your best course of action would be to first read through and ensure you have not skipped a step in the process, or missed something answered by this FAQ. If you still continue to have problems you can contact litheon at the email address gtauth <at> majornelson <dot> com. Ensure you replace the <at> with the @ symbol, and the <dot> with a period. Keep in mind we will under no circumstance approve your account without you first validating that you own it, so please do not direct requests regarding that to the aforementioned email address.


Why is the creation page saying my gamertag is invalid?

There are usually two explainations to this problem, the most obvious being that your gamertag does in fact not exist. However, if you know your gamertag does exist and are wondering why we’re saying it doesn’t then the answer is quite simple. At the time of checking to see if your gamertag exists we were told that it does not. This usually means that or Xbox Live is undergoing some sort of maintenance, and can’t allow us to access the data at the current time. To ensure we don’t send repeat requests for the same gamerag we also specify a certain amount of time before we will proceed to ask if the gamertag is valid once again. This will also explain why some gamertags that have previously registered are no longer shown as being an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Live Silver member. This means there may be a slight delay between any sort of maintenance, and the time at which we will see your gamertag is valid which should be a maximum of an hour after the maintenance is over.


What do the different backgrounds for comments mean?