Departing Europe

I am currently aboard SAS 937 (love the in-flight Internet) on my way back to Seattle and I am catching up on the Games Convention news and all of my blog reading. Understandably, all of Europe is excited about the FIFA and Pro Evo announcements.  Also, there is news out this morning about a new Xbox Live Arcade Disc. This disc will allow people that can’t connect to Xbox Live to enjoy some of the top Arcade titles.

I am headed to PAX this weekend, so look for me, jet lagged, but ready to go for my sessions.
Speaking of the PA guys, did you read that they are going to produce a game? Let’s hope they don’t jump the shark

When you travel, there is a lot of waiting. Either waiting at the airport or in the flight itself. Here is the (non-music) media I have consumed during this weeks waiting:

Kinky Boots Amusing story about a shoe company looking for way to save its business. Worth a watch if you are stuck in an airplane.
V for Vendetta: A futuristic story about a freedom fighter (‘V’) in Great Britain. Fun movie written by ‘The Matrix’ creators.

The Wonga Coup. A true story about a band of mercenaries that tried to take over a country. Yes. a country. Really interesting read that I could not put down. I think would make a good movie if done right. Wait, I guess there already is a movie about a similar (yet fictitious) coup.

While I did not spend much time in the hotel room, when I was there…I turned on the local German TV channels. The German commercials (in between Knight Rider re-runs) alone are extremely entertaining.

Also, Litheon is in the final phases of implementing registration on the site, it’s not ready yet…but as soon as it is we’ll let you know.

I tried to write a witty headline to tie in to the whole 'Snakes on a Plane' thing (since I am on a plane) but I gave up. Anyone got anything? Anyone?

See you this weekend @ PAX.

Posted somewhere over the North Atlantic on SAS 937 two rows ahead of the crying baby, as usual.