Registration is here

After multiple years, and multiple blogging platforms has finally implemented a unique method of registration. You can now use your Xbox Live gamertag to sign up, sign in, and use all of the unique features made available to registered users. The beta test made available just under two weeks ago has concluded, and a few major and minor bugs have been fixed in the process, and now registration is now completely available for public use.

What is registration? 

Registration allows members of Xbox Live to signup for an account on this site, and maintain a reputation among commenter's rather than just have the ability to post under any name you wish not to mention you can show off your Xbox Live subscription level. It also allows us to keep track of some data which, in the future, will allow any anonymous or registered user to specify a minimum threshold other's comments are required to maintain in order for them to be visible. It will also allow you to access all of the cool features we have planned for the future.

How do I register?

Registering is quite simple, all you need to do is create your user account and then proceed to validate that you own that account. Once you do that you're done. To register you can follow this link to create an account.

How do I validate that I own my gamertag?

In order to validate that you own the gamertag you wish to sign up with we require that you change your Gamer Picture and Gamer Zone to the ones we specify later in the registration process. Once you do that there will be a delay, of up to one hour, for the data we have on your Gamertag to update. Once that data updates, we will see the changes that you made and your account will be ready for login.

You can find these, and other frequently asked questions on the Registration FAQ page.

We appreciate the time you took to read this, and we hope to see you register soon. Enjoy!