Vision Family Settings

As the Xbox Live Vision makes its way to stores this week (in North America) and many of you start going online…I am sure that some people will find additional uses for the camera that we did not have in mind when we developed the Xbox 360. With that in mind, now would be a good time to remind folks of the Family Settings, and more importantly how to set them up for any child accounts you may have on your Xbox 360:

Setting Up Xbox Live Vision Family Settings

1. While in the System area of the Xbox 360 Dashboard or—if using the Xbox 360 system for the first time—from the Initial Setup Complete screen, select Family Settings, Xbox Live Controls and sign in using the password for the gamers’ Microsoft Passport Network account.

2. Select Privacy and Friends, Communications.

3. Choose one of the following settings:

· Select Blocked to block everyone from communicating with the child. He or she will still receive new friend requests that parents can elect to accept.

· Select Friends Only to allow the child to communicate only with people on his or her friends list.

· Select Everyone to allow the child to communicate with anyone on Xbox Live.

Hit for information about more details on Xbox Live Vision Family Settings.