Xbox Briefing Schedule

My body clock is now completely confused, as I was up at 4am local time ready to start my day…yet the day was not ready to be started. The Xbox briefing is this afternoon (it's Wednesday here in Tokyo) over at the Cerulean Tower Hotel in Shibuya. We'll be posting the complete video of the briefing on tomorrow morning (Wednesday PT time) as well as short highlights version. At the same time, I'll have the audio posted here. Now that we're all totally confused regarding the times…here is all you need to know:  Expect video and audio from the briefing to be posted by 8am PT Wednesday morning.

Still confused? Click here to figure out what time in your timezone to start seeing the audio and video.

Need a video fix now? just posted an interview they have with Peter Moore, swing over and watch that (with versions you can download to your iPod or PSP.)