Why do I use Blogcast?

Because I knew one day this would happen.  Even Scoble finally agrees with me, after chastising me on this almost two-years ago when I started using the term. Of course I can't find the link now where he called me out on this since I am running out the door. Please post a link in the comments if you can find it. Speaking of running out the door: due to some travel arrangement issues, I ended up staying in Tokyo one extra day. I used part of the day to try and track down the one thing my wife told me she wanted from Tokyo. Alas, I came up empty handed. (Edit: I scored one at Narita Airport. On to Barcelona now!) Good thing there is this thing called the Internet that can come to my rescue. I in just a few minutes, I unplug, head to the airport and will be offline for up to 18 hours. I fly from Tokyo to Amsterdam (12+ hours) where I'll have 55-minutes to catch my connection to Barcelona (2 1/2 hours.) That means that I probably won't be around to post the Marketplace content for Tuesday morning. I wanted to give you fair warning.

Talk to you from Barcelona (I hope)

Edit: thanks to Chief McBeef for finding my blogcast spanking on Scoble's original blog