Bueno por Barcelona

I am (finally) headed home today. It's been a helluva two weeks. So allow me to hit just a few of the highlights:

I am sure I'll think of more, so listen for a full recap on my next show, including my comments on some of the games I saw/played with over the past two-weeks. Speaking of shows, I am not sure if I'll do one this week since I really need to catch up on sleep Sunday. Also, I will get some of the videos we did for Xbox.com transcoded into iPod-ready formats and post those next week. BTW: I created a video iPod RSS feed for any future iPod videos I produce. Gotta run…boarding time.

Posted at Terminal A of Barcelona Airport.

Edit: I corrected some grammar and Halo Wars during my layover in Amsterdam. Time to get back on a plan now… 🙁

Edit: Yup…too tired. No show today.