Sony ‘Gamer Day’

Yesterday Sony held a ‘Gamers Day’ in San Francisco (my invite must have gotten lost in the mail) and rolled out a few more details about the PS3 and their on-line approach. You can read details at, Kotaku, Joystiq.and Engadget. I am sure many of you have spend the past 12 hours reviewing the news and forum threads, so I wanted to toss this out to you: what do you, dear gamer, think of what was outlined?  

Also: Did anyone else find it odd that a something called ‘Gamers Day’ did not have any regular gamers (like you) in attendance? From what I could tell this was a standard press conference (and yes, I know that game press are, for the most part, gamers) that they decided to call ‘Gamers Day’ to give it a community spin.