Full versions of TV and Movies coming to the Marketplace

Announced moments ago by Peter Moore in New York, I can now officially confirm what many of you are talking about: Complete versions of your favorite TV and Movies will be coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace, many of them in HD, starting November 22nd.

Over 1,000 hours of SD and HD content by the end of the year…all digitally delivered directly to your Xbox 360

[Read the full press release here]

Edit: More details up on Xbox.com (Check out the ‘SEE HOW IT WORKS’ Video) Video gone…people were getting confused by the prices in some of the screen shots.

Edit: News.com has some screenshots of what the video section will look like after 11/22.

Edit: To be clear, any pricing you may see in screen shots etc. are not final prices…once we get final pricing, I’ll let you know.