My Piñata island resident


When I started to work on my Viva Piata garden tonight, I noticed that someone had sent me a crate. In VP, you can send and receive crates to and from anyone on your friends list. You can pretty much stuff anything in the game into a crate and ship it off to a friend over Xbox Live.  As I hurried off to the in game post office to sign for my package, I saw that the crate was from Gamer Andy. What could Andy have sent me? Once I unpacked it, I was greeted with Andys present: A Pinata dog, aptly named Consumer Watchdog. Yea, I laughed out loud..thanks Andy. While it is nice to have a pooch in my garden, I noticed he seems to lie around and sleep alot…what did you do to this dog before you sent ’em my way Andy?!?

Now I have to think of something to pack in a crate to send his way.