Major Nelson is OTG

Sorry I have not been able to post for the past couple of days, but as you may (or may not of) heard the Seattle area was hit pretty hard with a freak wind storm Thursday night. Since then, my house is without power, heat, cell phone coverage (all my local towers are offline) or connectivity. I am therefore, officially OTG (off the grid) in every way, shape or form. In addition, my Xbox office is also powerless. While much of Seattle proper is online, the Eastside of Lake Washington is still in the dark. The area that I live in was one of the hardest hit (northeast of Seattle) and after walking around my neighborhood, I don’t expect to get power back until for another couple of days at the least. Everywhere I look, there are trees down, power lines lying in the middle of the road and every house and business is standing still in an eerie darkened silence. For obvious reasons, I will not be able to produce a show tomorrow, since my entire studio is dark (UPS’s only last so long, does anyone know any good deals on Generators?) and I have a plenty of things to deal with on the home front. (Like keep warm.) On my next show I’ll be sure to tell the story of how one of the skylights in my house blew off at 1:30 in the morning at the peak of the storm. Until then I need to stay close to home to keep things in order, but I wanted to post this update for to explain my unscheduled absence.


Major Nelson/Larry

Posted at Starbucks in Lynwood, WA

Edit: Some guys from the local Power Company just came in and told my my area my not be on for 3-5 more days